Osteopathic intervention

The goal of Osteopathy

One of the main goals of Osteopathy is to restore mobility by resetting microcirculation in each parts of the organism. This concept is inspired by the fundamental links between the bone structures and the blood. All of the skeletal structures together create a skeletal system which in addition to being the support structure for our body is fundamental when it comes to defending us from both the outside and the inside, where the bone marrow produces red and white blood cells, and platelets which together compose our blood. From the osteopathic standpoint the blood is seen as an organ in a liquid state, delivers necessary substances such as nutrients to all of the body-cells. The bloodstream and blood-circulation are fundamental in uniting all parts of the body.

The concept

The concept of Harmony and Unity between the different parts is promoted by blood-circulation. There is another matter within the body that is called cerebrospinal fluid. It acts on the nervous system and serves as a binding element in the interaction among the brain, the cerebellum, and the autonomic nervous system. This fluid has a protective function and furthers biochemical exchanges with the goal to maintain an adequate performance of all body functions and achieve overall balance. Not unlike that, the Fascial system, a connective tissue, allows to convey mechanical information among organs, blood vessels, bones, CFS, nerve fibers, and muscles. Considering all this, the role of an Osteopath is polyfunctional. The exploration that starts from the vision of the body as a whole will then bring the Doctor to determine the dysfunction that provokes pain, to identify the part where the signal gets interrupted and to correct the malfunctioning structures bringing back the balance and integrity of the system. The Osteopath has to be armed with efficacious techniques to resolve the problem and to restore well-being to the whole body, offering not only solutions but also preventing the issues.

Il fine primordiale dell’osteopatia

The treatment consists in manual manipulation techniques that can vary between direct correction with the trust or indirect With functional techniques or visceral techniques on the organs or on the fascial or connective system, finally it will use, cranio sacral techniques to normalize the nervous system on which it directly depends and determines the primordial goal of osteopathy.

Fields of Intervention


Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Digestive and Intestinal Dysfunction

Genitourinary Dysfunction

Respiratory Dysfunction

Occlusal Dysfunction

Sleep Disorders

Sports Injuries

Tension Headaches and Migraines,
Dizziness, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Otitis, etc.

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