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Dr. Elkin Giovanni Mojica Castelblanco

The osteopath with the help of various non invasive tests can analyze the range of motion of the bones, limbs, the internal organs of the body, the fascial system and the craniosacral system. That allows the doctor to correctly employ the gentle but efficacious technique to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Osteopathy codifies the signal that the body expresses with its movement with various degree of intensity.

What does Osteopathy cure?

Back Pain / Herniated Disk / Neck Pain /Cervicobrachial Syndrome / Shoulder Impingement / Osteoarthritis / Ankle Sprains / Trauma Injuries / Postural Disorder / Mandibular Disfunction (Malocclusion) / Cephalalgia / Sports Injuries / Muscle Stiffness / Sciatic Nerve Pain and Inflammation

Dr Elkin’s advice

Just 15 minutes of exercise a day will help you stay healthy!


Regular exercise helps to:

Promote the quality of your sleep

Boost your energy

Reduce stress and anxiety levels

Protect you from injuries

Improve your posture

Reduce issues with your digestive system

Build your self confidence

Osteopath home visit service is now available!

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